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Dustin Ratzlaff

As the company’s founder and CEO, Dustin heads a team that thrives on learning about their clients’ passions and delivering results that create impact. His responsibilities are to handle campaign development, ad purchasing and reporting. As a business owner himself, Dustin appreciates the need for an investment to make business sense.

Creative Director


Lindsay Toth

As unINK’s Creative Director, Lindsay helps the rest of the creative team do their best work. Outside of Graphic Design work, her time is spent researching resources, maintaining brand visual consistency, and ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget. She is committed to delivering work that “wows and excites our clients.” Lindsay has a Degree in Visual Communications from Medicine Hat College.


Kenny Roger

Kenny Taer

Kenny Taer brings skills in both graphic design and coding to unINK projects. Kenny has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Southwestern Adventist University as well as a diploma in Graphic Design/New Media from the McKay Career Training. In all of his work, Kenny strives to deliver to our clients creative and unique design ideas and captivating visuals in both design and coding.

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