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unINK is a certified Google partner building transparent & effective digital advertising campaigns. We can help you connect with customers who are looking for businesses, just like yours.

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Why PPC Advertising with unINK?

 unINK’s pay-per-click campaigns are headed by a team that includes a Google Analytics certified ad purchaser, strategist, and designer. This team will work to create campaigns that are custom-made for your business, working to ensure the right messaging reaches the right people. With unINK, your campaigns never stop growing! We use analytics and benchmarking from your campaign data to find new opportunities, strengthen messaging, and optimize every single advertising dollar. 



Paid search engine advertising is the practice of showing relevant ads to someone who has expressed their interest and intention to buy something, based on their keyword search query. Users looking for products and services online use sites like Google & Bing to find relevant information. AdWords search network is a way to ensure your business is getting great visibility when someone is looking for a product, or service, relevant to you and your business.


  • Bidding on keywords means you will be advertising to buyers at their point of intention.
  • You can target ads by location, time of day, week, device, and even the weather!
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.


Google's Display Ad network reaches over two million websites that have the capacity to connect with over 90% of people on the Internet*. Advertisements shown on the network include: text; image and video based ads; in a variety of targeting options; from specific website placements, page topics, user interests, location, age, and marital status, as well as audience segmenting. Many of the largest websites on the planet are accessible through the display ad network including YouTube, Kijiji, Gmail & The Weather Network.

*Stats provided by Google.




Remarketing offers a unique opportunity to re-engage with users who have visited your website. Having your website install a cookie onto a user’s browser will allow us to place ads, dynamically, on other websites that the user visits.

Using custom parameters, we can create profiles based on user’s interests in your website & target those profiles for more personalized campaigns.


  • You will re-engage your customers.
  • You can highlight related products or services.
  • Cross sell your product.


True View online video advertisements are an efficient and effective way to promote your businesses message. This is done through websites in the Google display network. The best part? You have a say in who is watching your ad and how much you believe it is worth. Additionally, you will only pay when someone watches up to 30 seconds of your advertisement or the entire ad, whichever comes first.     

This medium is far more engaging than print or radio!

unINK will work with you to produce a professional and engaging video advertisement, that gets watched!


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